Dear student!  welcome to Government Girls Degree College Behat Government Girls Degree College Behat an institution of acadimic excellence and achivement was establised in 2003 .
At Government  Girls Deagree College Behat ,We are imparting higher education to young  women in India which is a very substantial, potent and conscientious task. To empower women is
to increase their control over the decisions that affect their lives both within and outside the household.

Throught their empoverment  women gain greater share of control over resources and it gives them the power of secision making in the home , comunity, society and nation.We all know that women are 
a great human resourse and the role of women in the society is critical for development of a nation.

We constantly strive to make the best technology (Wi-Fi-E-Class) available to you.
Visit college library and e-library regularly and make use of the physical as well as technological resources. Read and issued books,read newspapers,journals and magazines, and use the computer to 
eccess the internet.